Do You Merely Want A Resolution or Do You Truly Want A Solution?

As human beings, Christian or otherwise, we have a tendency to think that the beginning of a new year will bring change automatically in the same way that we think marriage will change us. 

Many people who struggle with loneliness approach marriage with the idea that it will solve all of their loneliness problems. It may or it may not.

Many men with sexual struggles think that marriage will cure all of these problems. It may or it may not. 

The event in itself - a wedding on a specific date - won't necessarily change you. Your marriage will only be as good (or bad) as the culmination of your previous thought patterns, choices, attitudes, and decisions. 

It doesn't all change on that one date.

It's the same with the calendar year, your life will not automatically change simply because we're moving into a new calendar year. 

The bad news is: There is nothing magical about 2017.

The good news is: You have been given great opportunity.

Every day, no matter the year, you get to make very powerful decisions. You get to decide to cooperate with God and co-labor with Holy Spirit to bring about change in your own life and in the environment around you. 

Just know that it will not come about by accident. There are many ingredients that will go into your success for this year. One key ingredient is an intentionally renewed mind that recognizes that destiny is determined by daily decisions. You have been empowered to make powerful choices. Be sure that you make the right ones as you are in line with God's Word and empowered by the Holy Spirit. 

I pray that each and every one of you has a wonderfully blessed 2017.