Two Simple Ways to Know God's Will

Do you want to know God's will for your life? Many of us run around frantically searching for God's will. Many live in fear that they will miss this mysterious thing called "God's will for my life."

At the risk of over simplifying the subject, I would like to share a few principles with you. Though I believe the process of understanding God's will can look different in different contexts, ultimately, as a guiding principle for our lives, I think we need to keep it simple.

Principle #1: Simply acquaint yourself with the ways God speaks to us. Familiarize yourself with the Bible. It's the Bible itself that says in Romans 8:14 that we are to be led by the Spirit of God. This leads us to...

Principle #2: Spend time in His presence so you become very familiar with the voice of the Holy Spirit so He can lead you. Don't be led by a voice you do not recognize. Jesus said, "My sheep know My voice." The Holy Spirit will never lead you in a way that contradicts His written Word, the Bible. 

Applying these two principles can take us far in discovering God's will for many areas of our lives.