Introducing Bob Phillips

I’m honored to introduce you to Bob Phillips. Bob joined the staff at Heartland in March of this year as Teaching Pastor, which means he heads up the Academy for Cultural Transformation (ACT) and he occasionally will teach at Heartland, either in a Wednesday night class or on a Sunday morning. Bob is an avid reader, as befits a teacher, but he also enjoys sports and shooting.

Bob is married to Sherry, who he describes as a wonderful person and phenomenal caregiver. She has proven this to be true over the last six months due to Bob’s health issues including a fall which broke his rib. Bob and Sherry have a daughter, Nicole, who is an attorney in Houston and a son, Andrew, who has his own business in San Diego. They are a tight-knit family and Bob adores them all.

Bob grew up in Kentucky and Indiana and moved around quite a bit due to his father’s work. Bob returned to Kentucky to attend Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. He spent one year playing professional football for the Atlanta Falcons as a running back and he also played on Special Teams. After that, Bob started in business for himself working in estate planning before he was called into ministry.

He first pastored in Kentucky, then moved to the Dallas/Ft Worth area which was the base from which he traveled as a speaker. He moved to New York City to pastor Times Square Church with David Wilkerson for 15 years, then to Wyoming where he planted a church. From Wyoming Bob moved to Pensacola, Florida where he worked as Chairman of the Board for the Brownsville School of Revival and was on the general staff of the revival. After that, he moved to Houston to pastor Encourager Church and finally here to Heartland and ACT.

Bob’s favorite book of the Bible is Luke. He likes the stories Luke writes, the way he brings out the miracles and how he presents the life of Christ. He also likes the sequel to Luke, the book of Acts as well as the book of Ephesians.

Of all of the Lord’s attributes, the one which is the most appealing to Bob is His goodness. Because if He loves without goodness, it is less than ideal love. The basis of our relationship with God is, He promises to be God to us, which is another way of saying, “I will be good to you, always.” See 1 Peter 2:4-5; 2:9 and Jeremiah 31:31 and 31:33.

This attribute was helpful when Bob went through a hard time in the past. It happened when he least expected it and Bob depended on God entirely in order to walk in forgiveness. He knew forgiveness was very, very important, but it was a struggle. He is happy to say that he has now totally forgiven those involved and the Lord took Bob from there to his most enjoyable place of ministry.

Bob’s strengths have varied over the years, but teaching the Word of God has always been the foundation for ministry for him. He also enjoys counseling and interacting with people.

Bob has been a blessing to us in his short time here. He is full of wisdom and knowledge and is exceptionally kind. If you haven’t met Bob yet, please come introduce yourself on a Sunday morning. Both he and Sherry want to get to know you and their entire Heartland family.

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