The Two Forces of Heaven, part 5

Follow Through on Your Breakthrough

Securing the Gains of Yesterday’s Battles

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He included this declaration: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” There was a time when I believed Jesus was simply being poetic, reiterating the same thought in two ways in order to drive it home. I now understand there is much more to His statement.

Jesus was actually revealing Heaven’s progressive strategy. In so doing, He was demonstrating the unique purposes of power and authority. This was not a new strategy. It was one utilized by the Roman armies of Jesus’ day.

Rome conquered by the irresistible force of its military power. But once conquered, newly acquired territory would quickly be brought under Roman governmental authority in order to reform it into Rome’s image. It was in this way that Rome’s dominion was expanded and established throughout the then known world. In short, they conquered by power but ruled by authority.

The Kingdom of God operates by this same template. When God’s Kingdom comes, it is with power. But arrival of the Kingdom comes with the demand He be King; He assumes authority and begins to exercise that in our personal lives. This is why revival always comes with conviction. He boldly exercises the right to correct and change us. Only then is His will done in our life “as it is in heaven.” This is how the Kingdom expands and is established.

In war, power displaces while authority replaces. This is also true of spiritual warfare on an individual, corporate and even regional level. The power of God displaces the enemy for a season, but what keeps him out of a heart, relationship or region is renewed obedience to God’s authority.

The Importance of Obedience

What we refer to as revival is simply a fresh invasion of the power and presence of God. This serves to displace the enemies’ influence in individual lives, churches and regions.  But this crippling of the enemies’ activity lasts for a limited time. The opportunity for complete and lasting victory must be immediately seized. This is done through repentance and change.

Every fresh outpouring of His presence is accompanied by fresh calls of obedience to His principles. Failure to rearrange our lives in greater obedience will assure the new found freedom of revival is short lived. In fact, it invites greater bondage (see Luke 11:24-26).

Breakthrough must result in follow through. An experience of God’s power must lead to submission to His authority. A power encounter expands God’s territory in our lives, but it is only in submission to His authority that the new victory is established permanently. Without this, encounters with God are reduced to fleeting events void of lasting impact. Thus, we fail to maintain what we obtain.

Whenever God’s people experience His power, it is for a purpose. God is moving them from glory to glory, into higher levels of maturity. This demands submission, practical obedience in specific areas of one’s life. Resisting God on practical issues of obedience is precisely why many believers experience God yet never realize the radical change they long for. They experience God’s power on Sunday but reject His authority on Monday.

If we want our breakthroughs to be permanent, then we must understand advancement requires a commitment to obedience. Our victory lasts only as long as our commitment.