Introducing Jon Huffey

I’m pleased to introduce to you Pastor Jon Huffey, Heartland’s Youth, Young Adult and Administrative Pastor. As Youth and Young Adult pastor, Jon invests in the next generation’s leaders by building relationships and growing in God together. In addition, as Administrative Pastor, he provides structural leadership to the areas needed to fulfill the assignments and mandates of Heartland Church.

Jon grew up in Des Moines. He has been married to Emily since 2004 and they have four children, Landon is 6, Zoey is 3, and Madison and Rylee are 14 months. In his spare time, Jon likes to hang out with his family going to the park and playing games. Jon says, “Kids spell love T-I-M-E,” so he tries to carve out as much time as possible to be with them.

Proverbs is Jon’s favorite book in the Bible. He loves wisdom and says it is the number one thing he asks for, although he does stress that along with asking for wisdom, people have to be willing to do what God says. In the past, when going through a hard time, Jon said God helped him by coming way closer than Jon thought He would. Jon felt a real freedom to be honest with God because He could be trusted with all the emotions Jon was feeling at the time. He found that God is passionate about helping him (and everyone) live and walk in a state of forgiveness.

In light of that, Jon has found that kindness is the attribute of the Lord’s that is most appealing to him. “Most of the time when He is helping me through a situation, I find that he is much more gentle and better than I think He would be.”

Jon is highly relational and states that people are his core value.

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