The Day After I Became a Children's Pastor...

I was outside my office getting ready to go to my first children’s conference and this eight- year-old boy by the name of Nathan Banderman said to me, “Hey Pastor Jon, you’re not going to bed without blood on your sword are you? You don’t want to go to bed with it clean,” and then I watched him skip away. I’m not sure how long I stood there with my mouth open, but that was a turning point in my ministry.

The next thing that came to me was “God, I need a plan.” I realized God comes to children with dreams, visions, and words and I needed to steward this. I heard the key turn and doors unlock. Job 33:14-16 tells us God is speaking all the time and He is looking for someone to listen whether that person is 2 or 92.

God can use you to change a generation. All you need to do is embrace what He has for you and listen for those keys to turn.

The other side to this is if we are not there for our kids, The Enemy will be. We prepare our kids to deal with strangers or fire, but what about when they are under spiritual attack?

I had a boy sitting in my office one day with his mom explaining how several demons were showing up in his room at night. Most people would say that doesn’t happen to kids…that is exactly what the enemy wants you to think.  I’ve visited more young people in mental health wards in the last two years then I have in the last 20. The enemy is stepping up his game. Don’t you think we should, too?

I grew up in the adult-focused “Me” generation church, where children are seen and not heard. That leaves kids spiritually dry and unattended. So the question is, what are you giving them?

Don’t just train them that the word of the Lord is alive and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, but show them how it is relevant to them today. Kids don’t just want to hear what the Bible says, they want to know how it applies to them. I love that God doesn’t just use power players to get things done. He uses the weak to confound the wise. Giants were meant to fall and God wants to raise Davids to make it happen.

Have you ever wished you were a kid again? The problem with that is wanting it as an escape from your reality. God wants us to be like children, not as an escape, but so we can come to Him and kill some giants. It’s not about an age, it’s about a frame of mind.

Take a moment this week and look at the kids you have in your life. What can you do to help them unlock doors and kill giants?