Short Term or Long Term?

Scripture teaches us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The true fear of the Lord doesn't make us want to run from God, but to God. The fear of the Lord in our lives is foundational in our walk with God. To the degree that we embrace the fear of the Lord, we will walk in wisdom. To the degree that we shun the fear of the Lord, is to the degree that we will live foolishly. 

What is foolishness? I think a good definition of what a fool is, is someone who does not recognize the consequences of his decisions. He lives as if he can make whatever decision he wants in defiance of God's principles, and not expect there to be negative consequences. 

Paul tells us in Galatians 6 that we reap what we sow. A fool lives blinded to this reality of cause and effect. 

On the other hand, who is a wise man? A wise man recognizes that today's decisions create repercussions and a long-lasting ripple effect that will go on for many years and even for generations. Therefore, he chooses carefully what he does today, because the fear of the Lord shapes his thinking. He also knows he will reap what he sows. So, out of the fear of the Lord, he wisely chooses carefully, knowing that there are long-term consequences to his actions. 

A fool is bound to short-term thinking, only living for the moment and addicted to immediate gratification. A wise man chooses what honors God and honors his family. He thinks long term. Is your life governed by short term thinking, bound by the need for immediate gratification? Or do you have a heart that fears the Lord and is convinced that He is a good Father, so that you patiently embrace delayed gratification. What are you: a wise man or a foolish man?