3 Insights to Thrive During Seasons of Change

Have you ever gone through a season in life where the only thing that seemed certain was change?

Often people spend too much time contemplating, stressing over and worrying about the change in front of them instead of seeing what that change frequently leads to…


I have often contemplated why so many people seem to resist change. Of course I also have tried to examine my own thought processes and emotions when my family and I navigate seasons of change in our lives. Because of this, I believe I have identified a few areas which I believe will help as we navigate the discomfort brought about by change.

The Unknown

I think it is natural to want to have a good grasp on the details of our lives. Furthermore, I would say that it is our personal responsibility to be intentional with the day in and day outs of life, exercising wisdom and the counsel God gives to us as we walk with Him.

But there is also the dreaded fear of the unknown and all the emotions and feelings that come along with it.

Significant change, as I mentioned before, many times leads to great opportunities for growth and this often comes with a dynamic of the unknown to it.

I think that, if we are living our lives connected to God and being intentional with the details of our lives, then the unknown oftentimes is an opportunity to partner with God in faith to see God do what only he can do.

After all, there is One who wants to know us and He has no concept of the unknown, for God is all knowing. See Isaiah 46:9-10.


I know, I know we are in dangerous territory here. I get it. It is worth mentioning, however, that when we take control to an extreme, or even dabble in overuse, it causes many negative repercussions. So, for all the control freaks out there, I propose the following:

Peace. You heard me, control freaks. Peace.

Peace is the remedy to not knowing when we have assumed too much or too little control in our lives. You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you. (Isaiah 26:3)

When my wife, Emily, and I are processing change together, if we feel like we don’t have enough pieces to the puzzle to make a decision, we ask God to help us process from a place of peace in Him.

As a side note, peace can be a great stabilizer in the midst of a storm. The peace I am talking about is oftentimes received intuitively and leads to a very tangible and real experience. At the end of the day peace is the resolute belief that I am going to be okay because God is with me.

Once we feel God’s peace in a decision, we move forward knowing that our hearts are connected to Him and He is in control.

Finally, and this is the one that I have found which comes and knocks on the door of my heart the most…


Really, sometimes what we are saying (or are not willing to say) is that the current season, the season I am used to, is easier than this new season will be.

But, what are the ramifications of that kind of thinking? Maybe God has a promotion for you at your job. Possibly there is a business you have been wanting to start, or relationships that you have been wanting to cultivate within a certain mountain of influence.

Whenever we are closed off or resistant to the God-induced change/opportunity, we will miss out on the journey of growing in God.

If you find that you are a person who typically resists change, try asking yourself this question, “Am I okay if everything in my life is the same 15-20 years from now?”

Ridiculous question, right?

Yet, we are basically responding that way when we fail to see change as the opportunity for that which it most often is; growth!

Go for your God dreams. Don’t fear the unknown. Refuse to control that which God wants to handle for you. Operate out of His peace. Develop a “Do Whatever it Takes” mentality and go be the best you that you can be. We need you!