Becoming the Prophetic Message

What are you laying down your life for? What is Jesus building through you? This spring I felt like I heard the Lord say we, as a house, are in a season of shift. We have learned to pick up on God’s heart and carry His prophetic word in our hearts. We have learned, corporately, to take God’s desires, the prophetic word of the Lord, and steward them well in intercession. We need to continue to hear God’s heart and move with Him in intercession, but now it’s time to become the message in His heart - to embody His prophetic word.

So many times we are disconnected from the prophetic word, hoping and praying that one day everything will supernaturally shift and the prophetic word will all of a sudden happen. But that is not usually how things work in the Kingdom. Why? Because God desires that His prophetic words change things with a lasting impact! He does not desire things to be supernaturally changed one day and then, because of our lack in becoming vessels which can steward the word, it fades away tomorrow.

In stewarding prophetic words in intercession, we not only align our hearts with the word of the Lord, but He changes us in the midst of our intercession to embody the prayers we are praying in accordance with His heart. In that transformation of us, His prophetic words begin to manifest.

However, in the Kingdom there are prices to pay and battles to fight to step into the promises of God. We see that many places in the Bible, but probably the most pronounced is when Joshua leads the Israelites to take possession of the Promised Land.

I remember when I was a freshman in high school, my school had just begun a soccer program for girls. This became a great struggle as many people didn’t think girls should be playing soccer, nor should the school be funding the program. Battles raged between our coach, the athletic director (who did everything he could to get rid of us, including lying about us stealing school equipment) and the school board. My teammates and I were under amazing pressure, having to prove to the entire community that we could and would win games.

After a year and a half, the athletic director stopped his push against us and the school board ruled that our program would continue. Unfortunately, we did end up losing a coach we all loved. I remember my 14-year-old self thinking, “one day people won’t even realize the cost we paid and the humiliation we endured in order to allow girls to play soccer from this point on.” I was right. That battle was quickly forgotten, but to this day, my high school has a wonderful girls’ soccer program.

That may sound like a silly example, but during that time I developed a resolute heart to not back down to opposition coming against me. We became a team that played our games hard because it was a matter of life or death for the program.

I believe there are times when God calls us to do the same thing spiritually; to hear His heart and labor in prayer for the manifestation of the word. In the process God molds us into becoming the desire of His heart. But then there are times when it is up to us to stand resolutely; paying the price physically to see our environment change and His words brought to fulfillment.

I am not suggesting you have your way apart from God. Rather, what is God asking you when you tuck away in the secret place, where you pray until you become the embodiment of that prayer? Will you stand resolutely in the desires of His heart to see atmospheres change around you?

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “change begins with me.” Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to shape and mold us into leaders who will affect the peace in our homes or workplaces. When we each learn how to walk in peace, lay down our hurts, allow God to heal us, and love our enemies with a love beyond what we could work up on our own, whole atmospheres will shift bringing restoration to broken relationships. Transformation in our neighborhoods and cities will gloriously manifest when we visit our hurting neighbors, the ones avoided by everyone else, and make a point to build relationship with them.

It’s time to embody the words that God has spoken so that He can move through us to transform the world around us! As we lay our lives down for God, He invites us to co-labor with Him.

What is He speaking to you to transform?