For Your Kids...And You

For this month’s blog I would like to pass on something for you to pass along to your kids maybe the next time you’re sitting at the table for dinner or driving in the car--you can pick the time, I am providing the lesson.

Proverbs 20:27 says, “The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord, searching all the innermost parts of his being.” What does that mean? That means God will enlighten us or guide us through our spirit. Did you notice this verse didn’t say, “The spirit of God is the lamp of the Lord,” it says, “The spirit of man is the lamp of the Lord.” God speaks to man (or your kids) through their spirit. When we listen to our spirit, we are listening to God. Some Christians don’t follow their spirits, and think they can figure everything out by themselves. If we aren’t following our spirit, then we are walking in darkness.

Your conscience is the voice of your spirit. Your conscience is a still, small voice. Have you ever walked past your messy bedroom and heard a voice say, “Remember, Mom told you to clean your room?” That wasn’t your mom talking. It was a voice inside of you. The voice of your spirit. What should you do? Always obey your conscience.

Have you ever been tempted to take something that wasn’t yours and you heard a voice say, “No?” You don’t have to pray about it. You know that it is wrong because your conscience spoke to you. It is important for us to learn to quickly obey our conscience because that is one of the biggest ways God talks to us. When you obey your conscience you are obeying God.

Let me finish by speaking directly to the kids with what I consider the most important part of this blog and what speaks to me the most when I think about it.

Hey kids, some of you are asking your parents if you can do something and you already know you shouldn’t do that, but you are hoping that Mom and Dad will let you do it. Stop depending on Mom and Dad to obey God for you. You have the Holy Spirit inside of you. You don’t have to wait until you grow up to get a conscience. Take time to get quiet, listen to your conscience and obey quickly. If you learn how to obey your conscience you will always be a success.

So this month’s blog was short, simple, and to the point, but sometimes that is what we need. It is definitely what kids need. They also need that village to raise them. They need to hear the truth of the Kingdom at Kids Church, at home, on the playground, and wherever they are. I consider it an honor to come along side you in speaking truth and love to this next generation. If we as the parents and spiritual leaders of our kids don’t have their ear, someone else will.