Keep the Fire Burning

Enjoy this timeless blog by Quinby Collier. Quinby and Sandra have been married for nearly 60 years and, with the wisdom of experience, Quinby offers some advice on romance in honor of Valentine's Day.


Have you ever sat with your wife in front of a fire in the fireplace watching the logs burning? It is romantic and cozy. You are sitting there with your arm around her just watching the fire. Then you realize you have to get up and put more wood on the fire so that it doesn’t go out. Is it worth the effort? Yes it is - if you want the wonderful mood to continue. Keeping the fire going requires effort and somebody has to cut and split the logs in order to KEEP THE FIRE BURNING.

Romance is a wonderful thing. I remember teenage romance. I enjoyed dating and dancing with several girls. Then I met Sandra. She was the first and only girl I went steady with. We are still going steady!! In 1970, Jesus came into our lives and became Lord. Then our marriage got real good.  Every aspect got better. He is the best “Thing” that ever happened to us.

Over the years, I have learned that romance is a great part of keeping the marriage fresh and exciting! I believe wives enjoy being romanced.  Some husbands are naturally romantic and some are not. If you are not, you can learn to be. You have to KEEP THE FIRE BURNING!

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, romance can be defined as, "A love affair. Romantic involvement; love. A strong, usually short-lived attachment or enthusiasm."

There is the problem—short-lived.  Being romantic is to marriage as stoking the fire is to the fireplace. One of the simplest ways to KEEP THE FIRE BURNING is to send your spouse sweet little texts regularly. This may be easier for wives than husbands, but I’m telling you, husbands, it is valuable.

Another idea for husbands is to give her flowers out of the blue—not just on a holiday or special occasion. I love to play romantic music for Sandra. I have some tapes & CDs of love songs that meant a lot to us when we were teenagers. Walk together holding hands. Open doors for her. Don’t forget her birthday and your anniversary. Let her know she is very special to you and that you love her very much. Every day tell her that you love her.