Introducing Christopher Olson

Heartland’s Senior Associate Pastor is Christopher Olson. He has been leading worship at Heartland since 2004, writing many of the songs we sing each week. He also provides oversight to the Ministry Department which includes the Ministry Team, Freedom Ministries and Sozo as well other forms of prayer ministry and counseling.

Christopher grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa where he worked at Walmart, Hardee’s and for his dad’s construction company. He has also lived in Duluth, Minnesota, Burt, Batavia and Colfax, Iowa as well as Chattanooga, Tennessee and, for a short time, in Argentina.

 Christopher and his wife, Beth, have been married for 18 years. He describes Beth as his amazing, Proverbs 31 wife and says that everything good in his life is attributable to her. They have three sons, Judah who plays on the worship team and is part of the audio team, Levi who is into politics and Elijah who is outgoing and loves to joke around. Their daughter, Zoe, likes animals and had her first book published when she was 10. Their family also includes Shack, the best dog they’ve ever had. During his free time Christopher enjoys reading, going for walks, hanging out with Beth, relaxing with his family and watching some sports.

Essential to Christopher’s life are the presence of God and the love of God. He feels we are incomplete without either of them. In his words, “I want to glorify God. One of the key ways I am designed to bring Him glory is by living in His presence and releasing it to others.” And he does both of these very well.

The book of Romans is Christopher’s favorite. He says it is the most theological book. He explains, “Romans provides a big picture theological view while dealing with the details of daily life.” Turning our attention to God (one of Christopher’s favorite things to do), the attribute of the Lord’s that is most appealing to Christopher is love because, “without that aspect, some of God’s other qualities like His justice and His holiness would crush me. All of his attributes function together simultaneously.”

During a hard time in the past, God gave Christopher a bigger, better perspective. He now can say, “Whether circumstances change or not, seeing from God’s perspective exposes truth in the difficulty and truth sets you free.”

Christopher has released two albums, Roar of Worship and Reputation. He plays guitar and piano in addition to singing. He also has a talent for languages, being fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He travels internationally speaking on the love of God and our identity in Christ.

Christopher will be sharing monthly here at If you have any questions for him, please comment below.