Kingdom Activation Through Life Application

Psalm 119:74 says, "May those who fear You rejoice when they see me."

Do people rejoice when they see you because of what they see in you?

Did you know that activating the Kingdom of heaven in your life is as simple as just applying it to your daily life?

What you apply to your life and how you apply it dictates what happens in your life, both good and bad. If you fall into sin, it will roll downhill into everything you're involved in. If you pursue God passionately, the Kingdom of heaven will follow you and will roll down that hill.

If your relationship with God is relegated to a category in your life, you're in trouble.

Are you just doing everything you can to not sin and make it to church once or twice a week? Or are you at the point where Jesus literally pours our of you everywhere you go?

Your environment and the very nature of the way you live is affected by your relationship with the Lord. So the hard truth is if your life is a mess, it's probably your fault.

This doesn't mean that bad things won't happen to godly people, but you need to work on your relationship with the Lord. To make it simple, Read the Word - Pray - Soak - Tithe obediently.

There are steps I take every day to work on and nurture my relationship with my wife. Why would I not do the same with my Father in heaven?

The music you listen to, what you watch and even the people you hang out with have a profound effect on what comes out of you, so be aware of what you are allowing in.

Matthew 6:33 says, "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and everything else will follow."

Such a great question to ask at the dinner table tonight...what are you seeking?