What Search Engine Do You Use?

Google? Bing? Mozilla? Firefox? I’m a Mozilla man myself, but have you considered the Holy Spirit?

Our Father in heaven is like a great big search engine just waiting to be used.  God is speaking all the time. The real question is are we seeking, listening, hearing…obeying?

Is there a difference between operating in the prophetic and having a deep intimate relationship with Jesus?  I don’t think so. Now keep in mind I am not talking about being a prophet, but simply talking to and hearing from the Lord, just as you would your closest friend.  As a children’s pastor, it’s my job to break things down and keep it simple.  I mean, if we can sit and have coffee with our best friend and share the intimate secrets of each other’s lives, imagine what you would learn doing that with Papa.

1 Corinthians 2:10 says the deep calls unto deep. In other words, intimacy breeds prophecy. It’s more than closing your eyes and saying, “Talk to me, Lord.”  It’s building a relationship with Him.  If you were to ask me something about my wife such as what she likes or how she feels about something, I can answer that because I know her. We are intimate. We are close.  We talk daily.  I don’t differentiate between this relationship and the one with the lover of my soul.

The one thing I had to change about myself was to be more afraid to NOT step out, than I was of being wrong.  I put this in bold letters as a declaration.  I declared it over my life and, when I heard the Lord speak to me, I stopped questioning my declaration and started acting on it.

Now all of this is good, but, just like the Word says, without love it’s all for nothing.  In everything you do and say, let it be based on love. It’s not how much you do it’s what you do.

Five minutes of crying in the love of Jesus is worth more than a year of fasting on bread and water St. Augustine

So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go love somebody!