Unlimited Compassion

I recently had the privilege of going on my 6th mission trip to Colombia. I’d like to share with you a revelation that the Lord has been giving me when I’m in that specific environment. Each and every time, God shows up in very powerful ways, releasing salvation, healing, miracles, signs and wonders. On these trips, like with many missions trips, the needs are immeasurable. People’s personal lives are complex and we have a finite amount of time to step into their world and minister to their needs. Because of that, Jesus has been showing me how to both move with and minister from His compassion for people.

Admittedly I am in the process of discovering the full meaning and unlimited possibilities of what that partnership looks like, but I felt it worthwhile to share what I have noticed as I have begun to grab the hand of Jesus and jump into His heart of compassion.

The compassion that Jesus demonstrated on many occasions in the Bible came in response to the great need of the person standing before Him. He ministered to many different needs after being moved, or I would also say motivated, by compassion. The following references are just a few encounters that Jesus had with people or crowds where He ministered to their needs, driven to respond by compassion; those who were lacking wisdom (Mark 6:34), blind (Matthew 20:34), physically hungry (Mark 8:2), in need of healing (Matthew 14:14), in need of deliverance (Mark 9:22-25), in need of salvation (Luke 15:20). There are many more beautiful examples throughout the Gospels.

Jesus has been inviting me into learning to be moved with His compassion for others on a deep and meaningful level. When I am in a situation where many people need to have an encounter with Jesus, let’s face it, sometimes it can feel overwhelming. I can get focused on myself and other distractions if I do not guard my heart and realize Jesus is the source of any true and meaningful ministry. I believe that Jesus is inviting us all to go to with Him to a deeper place of intimacy by yielding ourselves Him, letting Him lead and move us by His compassion, just as He demonstrated in the Gospels.

As I have begun to respond to this invitation, I have noticed a dramatic increase in people receiving what they need from the Lord; from physical healing to being set free from the demonic. As I have let the compassion of Jesus lead me, the power of God has increased.

I feel it is important to make that last statement because I grow weary of encountering needs, yet the people leave with their same problems. On the other hand, I personally have seen a much more consistent “success” rate of people’s needs being met as I have continued to follow the compassion of the Lord.

I believe the reason is simply that, as I have leaned into His heart for people, I become more aware and an active participant in His great love for His creation. In the moment I am so much more aware of His zeal to minister to the person standing before me than I am of their need. So my faith comes into alignment with God’s through empathizing with and releasing God’s compassion to that person.

I want to encourage you to ask the Lord for a greater awareness of His zeal and compassion for His creation. When we learn to move with His heart in greater synchronization, we will have what we need to minister to the needs of people by moving in the compassion of the Lord with authenticity. Try it out. I believe there is no end to the depth of His love and I feel He is inviting us to dive in deeper!