Worship: What Is It?


What is worship? It is my understanding that the word worship comes from an old English word worthship, where it is the worth that you attribute to something. This is a great question for us today, “How much is Jesus worth to us?”

If our only view of worship is a song, a sound, a musical style or whoever we perceive to be the latest, coolest worship band or leader, then we’re seeing it all wrong.

How much do our lives attribute worth to God? Do we really see Him in all of His holiness, majesty and perfect love and give Him the corresponding worship He deserves?

Do you know where worship is first mentioned in the Bible? The setting in which we find the first mention of worship in Scripture is not one of electric guitars, drums or pianos, neither is it a setting of cymbals clashing or choirs singing, it’s not even a vocal soloist. We find no images of worship bands and worship leaders, no music at all. Not the latest worship chorus off of a recording from a great church or even an old hymn being sung.

The context in which we first find worship being mentioned in Scripture is in the book of Genesis when Abraham went to sacrifice his son of promise. When God told him to sacrifice his son, his response was one of quick, surrendered obedience. It says that He got up early the next morning to go sacrifice his son.

What does he say while he is on his way to sacrifice? He says that he is going to worship. Why? Because through his obedient sacrifice he was declaring that God is worthy and that God had more value to him than even the strong, intimate, powerful bond between a parent and a child. Abraham was demonstrating the worth of God in his life.

In light of this, do you live a life of worship?