We recently had the pleasure to host Pastor Christopher Olson as our speaker at our Sons and Daughters Conference. From the first night to the last, Pastor Christopher released revelation of the Father's heart over us, of who we are - our identity, but also who our Father is and His true identity. Pastor Christopher opened the door of "grace" to a new understanding...releasing the Father's sons and daughters to new realms of freedoms and experiences.

To describe Pastor Christopher, we would say he is passionate for the Father's presence, he carries a prophetic anointing and a grace to release the Father's love. He is a great communicator, easy to work with, approachable, a man of integrity both publicly and privately, and he is our friend.

We wholeheartedly recommend Pastor Christopher Olson and his ministry!

Doug Harris, Senior Pastor Church of the Open Bible, Pella, Iowa

I have known Christopher for many years now and have marveled at the incredible ministry our Heavenly Father has bestowed upon him. He has an anointing to break the yoke of bondage from those he shares the gospel with. While I have been in ministry many years, I have been personally blessed and challenged by his preaching. He challenges me to be a better leader and a better Christian.

I can personally endorse his ministry without any reservations whatsoever. The anointing that he carries as he ministers is powerful. I hope that you will consider having him minister in your fellowship. God shows up when Christopher shares the Word of God.

Roger L Helle, Executive Director Teen Challenge of the Mid-South, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Every ministry experience with Christopher has left a deposit of the Father's heart among us. The authenticity of the ministry that flows through him comes from being rooted in sonship, and it is obvious that is where he lives - in sonship. In practical, yet profound ways, Christopher is able to bring others into encounters with the Father that release hope, healing, and the awareness to hear what the Father is saying. Undoubtedly he carries the presence of God in weighty measure, and the confidence he has in God's goodness is absolutely contagious!

Kenneth R. Petersen 3
City Church - Burlington
City Gate Solutions


I am writing to send you a HUGE THANK YOU and to tell you what a profound impact your message and ministry at our church on 3/12/17!!!! Your 2 main scriptures were Colossians 3:12 with the list to clothe ourselves in- compassion, kindness, etc and Ephesians 1:4- He chose us in Him before the foundations of the world. Though every bit of your message hit home with me, for time and too lengthy writing limitations, i won't review all you shared here-- but I could, as I rewrote into my journal all of the notes I took as you spoke. That day became a life changer for me and I did not want to forget any part of it!
I am 61, and had my first real experience with Jesus at 18. But I have struggled so over the past 43 years with heart knowing and truly believing that God wanted me. I have tried so hard to breach that gap- reading scripture, doing Bible studies, being prayed over and praying myself to "get it", but there always seemed to be a wall in the way. 43 years is a long time to struggle like this! Discouragement, depression have dogged me - I have also been working with a couple of different Christian counselors over many years to try to heal old wounds and expose lies i have believed. I had made progress, but that Sunday you came to speak the Holy Spirit did a profound work in me!! Something HUGE changed that day! I have read those scriptures countless times, but the Holy Spirit gave fresh revelation and a "now" word for me! When you spoke that before anyone could reject me, criticize me, not want me or before I could ever do anything to get man's approval-- He had chosen ME-- I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!! You went on to say the most powerful words i have ever received- as been able to take in to my heart- "there has NEVER BEEN A DAY, A MOMENT, A SPLIT SECOND IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN WANTED!"
I draw pictures. God has told me I am to carry His heart to the people, crafting pictures of faith belief. Over these many years of struggles in this basic but HUGE foundational issue, i have drawn these alone, dark pictures and tried to see Jesus coming to unlock the door and for me to truly grasp His love of me, rather than thinking His love applied to everyone else and I was a leftover; not really counting. I knew the pictures are not what scripture says, but it has been where I have been stuck, trying and trying to get beyond this wall, trying desperately, but never getting there.
God brought to mind a specific picture I have believed where I see God making me. He is in a kitchen with a huge bowl He has His back to me as He is stirring leftovers into the bowl- scraps- to make me. I am in a open drawer in the kitchen, watching this. In the drawer, I am a shape like you see on the men's room sign of a generic person- (though in real life i am a woman, not a man) and I am flat like a sheet of paper, a dirty tan color, like sauerkraut, and somewhat transparent. There, but not really there. It has been my picture of God with me. Like I am not really wanted, but an afterthought or mistake. Lots of people struggle with faulty beliefs and lies like this.
 You took me toward the alter at prayer time and said "If this message wasn't for anyone else, it was for you because you are so hungry to know who you are" So true!!!!! I couldn't speak because i was so overwhelmed with that. You broke lies off over me and all these strange sounds and yells came out of me as I bent over; I didn't care what I looked like or how I sounded- I wanted this. When i stood up I felt so light!!!!Something huge has happened and i see myself with God, a hazy form at this point, but I know i have a place in Him. I think my understanding is a swork in progress; i close my eyes and I see God's face with His smiling eyes all crinkly and a big grin as He watches me and just lets me go. I am a little kid and I am amazed that I am in this HUGE, SPACIOUS place; it is all warm yellow and i am running back and forth, pretend flying like an airplane, twirling, dancing, jumping off furniture and playing with great delight and amazement in this new space I am in. I know it is God's space He has had for me all along. God is delighted to see me play. It is a starting place and it is amazing! Something happened that day you came. Nothing I did, but everything God did. The Holy Spirit did a huge thing that day, and I wanted you to know how grateful I am!!
SO SINCERE AND SO GRATEFUL, Becky Eddy, rooted and growing in the Family Tree :)