There are many ways that you can serve and build relationships at Heartland.  Your gifts and talents determine your place. What gifts and talents do you have that you would love to share? 

Are you techy?  Maybe you could help with sound, video, or the communications team.  

Do you love working with people?  You could serve in the coffee shop, bookstore, Kingdom Kids, as a greeter, or in prayer ministry.      

Are you handy?  There's always an odd job around that could have your name on it.

Do you love to organize?  Well, this doesn't need a description...we NEED you.  

Are you a musician, singer or artist?  Yep, there's a place for you to do that too.

Is there another way you would love to serve?  Let's chat about it!  We even need people to pull weeds out of the flower beds.

Email the office now to get started!

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